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"I am confident in saying Attunement Therapy is the most profound healing therapy that I have ever experienced. So deceptively simple, and yet way, way beyond the talk therapies, or the primal release therapies, or the massages, or the meditations."

                                                                                                                                                                                   Brijana, Attunement Therapy Client




Attunement Therapy is a modern healing modality based on some of the most ancient biological principals relevant to human physical and emotional health. Evolution has wired us to be physically connected with other people on a regular basis to maintain a healthy body, to de-stress and to heal.

Attunement Therapy not only provides the opportunity for safe, non-sexual touch but its so effective that it also can re-organize the nervous system so that clients walk away with a heightened sense of self and the will power to seek more physical connection with other people.

During a session, the client reclines beside the body of the practitioner with their head rested on their chest so they can hear the practitioner’s heartbeat. Attunement Therapy’s unique and safe consent protocols allow the client’s entire nervous system to access a very deep state of relaxation where their body can enter into a natural and automatic ‘reset’ function. This works in the same way as how an upset infant is instantly soothed by being held by a parent. Attuned human connection is the key.

In a session, the client is welcomed to briefly explore their current life situation with their practitioner before the physical part of the treatment. They are encouraged to consider an intention or an issue to heal. The ‘holding’ portion of the session runs for 60-90 minutes with 30 minutes integration time after.

Attunement Therapy works directly on the Autonomic Nervous system and the unconscious parts of our mind. The unconscious mind is 95% of how we think and feel so this modality helps reduce fear, trauma, stress and anxiety in our life. Its effect on the nervous system has a hormonal effect which leads to enhanced digestion, immunity, sexual function, longevity and overall physical wellness.

This modality is set up with everyone’s safety as top priority. Attunement Therapists are screened and trained in person and are given a certification to offer sessions. These certifications can be revoked if necessary. Any client can offer feedback or complaint to the Attunement Therapy Board of Ethics whose role is to protect the client’s safety. All clients must sign a consent form before commencing a session and all practitioners have agreed to a strict Code of Conduct, Ethics and Integrity.

Disconnection is the cause of so much pain and connection is the antidote.

This healing modality is stunning in its simplicity and effectiveness and is easy to learn. Book a session today or enroll to become a practitioner.


"This seemingly simple modality was and still is completely life
changing. I’ve been to several different Teachers, Masters, Guru's, Self-development and self-help courses and this was the most powerful, after years of being in the health and wellness profession both practicing and being a client there was still something missing, this for me was it.

I went in with a sense of total overwhelm and ready to leave this
world….and come out with a sense of real clarity, purpose and openness.

And this simple two hours was probably one of the most life changing experiences that I’ve ever, ever had."

Luke, Melbourne
Attunement Therapy Client

"This has been, unquestionably, the single most profound experience of my life. I had been searching for something, for as long as I could remember that would bring me peace of mind and serenity and love to my heart. I am now, a new and improved version of my previous self."

Pete Isaia, Perth
Attunement Practitioner Training

"I am so thrilled to have just completed my practitioner training in Attunement Therapy with these wonderful people. Attunement therapy is a simple yet profound healing modality which speaks directly to the wisdom in our own bodies and our ability to heal from within when held in deep safety. I KNOW this is true because i experience it in my own body, and at the same time it is backed by insight from both science and Spirit. So often we instinctually understand how we need to be held in order to restore our inner world, yet we just don't have the opportunity or deep safety to meet that need. I'm so excited to share more of this with my community."

Kate Gillett, Perth
Attunement Practitioner Training

"It's hard to put into words that shifts I feel within my own being from receiving the therapy. For years I felt like I still had the metaphorical handbrake partly on. Attunement Therapy has helped me to release the brakes, to allow my system to drop out of the fight or flight mode fully, to relax and feel safe, and at home on planet Earth.

Through the course I had memories from past traumas surfacing, things that I thought I had fully processed. Within a short session, Attunement Therapy helped me to fully process those events by allowing my body to tap into its innate wisdom, and do what it knows how to do best - Beyond my conscious thought.

Through my own healing experience, I fully get the power of this work. My intuition lead me to show up and I'm sure glad I did. Human physical connection is one of the most powerful things yet something we are so void of in modern society. We are so connected technically but so distant in other ways. Feelings of isolation and loneliness are detrimental to our health.

Connection and touch have the opposite effect and has so many amazing benefits, which cascade through our physical bodies and throughout our lives."

Adam Gillie, Perth
Attunement Practitioner Training

To find out more, please email Tristan Bray at or email local host, Anne Solli


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