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Did you ever feel the healing power of nature? Did you ever rest on a bed of moss just to listen? To the billions of voices that speaks the miracles of life, that holds the wisdom of life itself... 


Mother Earth is a unique planet. She offers us the language of beauty that brings us the gift of love. When we allow ourselves to listen, sit, watch, move with what fills us, and connect to our own heartbeat - the gifts appear, slowly unravelling the connection to life, the elemental wisdom, and the sacred space in which to trust & love deeper.


Mon:olá earth connecting center offers biodanza workshops, nature connection, elemental rituals, movie nights, and more. Wise souls will be invited to offer their gifts, in a variety of workshops and treatments that aligns with the center's intention. So that we all can be nurtured, held and loved. The center is also my home in Nesodden, Norway for those of you who know it. It's a magical place in the forest that holds life beautifully and creates a wonderful containing space for our lives to unfold. 


Now it's the time to open up for more. Now it's the time to connect deeper, to rediscover our hidden wisdom. We are the generation we have been waiting for. Aloha, namaste, welcome. 

Honoring life, honoring you. Love, Anne <3 


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