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med Jeffrey H. Wium  30sept-2oct 2022

Mon:olá earth connecting center gratefully presents to you:
Wisdomkeeper, altomisayoq, the first western-born celestial maestro of the Andean-Inkan Holy Mountain Tradition Jeffrey Huamanchiq Wium - coming to Norway to offer his connecting & heart-opening work. After an amazing time together in June, he's now coming back for another three days retreat; Sept 30 - Oct 2, 2022! Limited number of people due to space. Honouring the terrestial-celestial forces & body, mind, soul to birth the era of the Living Peace. 

I've had the privilege to work with him on several occasions, both offering me masterful invitations to connect deeper, releasing core patterns and opening my heart. It's truly with great gratitude & reverence I welcome him to my place and offer his work to the group that feels called. Aloha, Anne 

As we awaken into the era of the Living Peace, we find ourselves personally responsible for creating a harmonic future while integrating the lessons of our collective past. We are
learning to overcome limiting paradigms, opposition and separation-based perspectives to embody forgiveness, equanimity and loving presence– to personify ‘wholiness’ in daily
life. The key to this is self-care and sustained vitality and wellbeing.

Join celestial lineage holder Jeffrey Huamanchiq Wium from the Andean-Inkan Holy Mountain Tradition of Peru for an expansive and deeply nurturing 3-day retreat. Jeffrey will offer ancient wisdom teachings about life force engagement and sustenance as well
as somatic-shamanic healings, experiential exercises, animistic ceremony and guided meditations to help participants deepen their awareness, expand consciousness,
navigate challenges and increase overall well-being.

Come, enjoy conscious community, increase vitality, strengthen your connection with Spirit and learn practical ways to embody contentment in a world of constant change.


Friday 30th Sept 10-17
Saturday 1st Oct 10-17
Sunday 2nd Oct 10-16


Kr 5.500, with split payment non-refundable deposit 3000.
Kr 5.000 before 15th August paid in full.
Payment to Anne by vipps 40485853 or other arrangement.

One or two days possible at 1.850 per day.

Includes lunches that are gluten and dairy-free.

Accomodation private or tent in forest by donation. Pls ask Anne.

Registration to Anne +47 40485853 or


Jeffrey is the first western-born celestial lineage holder in the Andean-Inkan Holy Mountain Tradition. His journey of awakening came to the forefront in 1996 as a result of a spontaneous mystical experience. This event changed his reality and inspired him to seek deeper understanding. Jeffrey began studying the mystical arts, received the Tibetan Buddhist Avaloketesvara initiation and undertook a pilgrimage to study elder wisdom in China, Tibet, Nepal and India. While there, he experienced a fundamental shift in perspective as a result of another significant mystical experience and daily exposure to the sacred lifeways of the Himalayan people and their environment.

When Jeffrey returned to the U.S., he began training in the Lipan Apache wisdom tradition and set about reconfiguring his media career to focus on inspirational, outdoor, environmental and nature-based content. At this point, Jeffrey had one foot in each world. His professional career spanning 17 years of international multi-media production and his deep calling to follow Spirit.

In 2002, Jeffrey’s path was again altered by an injury that he sustained while filming a reality television series. This was a major turning point in his life. It was a reality check that taught him the deeper meaning of surrender and trust, and shifted his focus to becoming a holistic health practitioner and following Spirit full time.

Jeffrey spent the next four years training as a multidisciplinary health practitioner, including reiki mastery, integrative bodywork, guided mediation and yoga teacher. In 2005, Jeffrey traveled to an indigenous energy medicine conference in Peru. While there, Paqos invited him to return and learn their holistic protocols first-hand. This was Jeffrey’s first apprenticeship with the Andean-Inkan Holy Mountain Tradition.

Jeffrey made regular education, research and initiatory trips over the next two years. In early 2007, the Apu Mountain Spirit Benefactors who over light the tradition, initiated Jeffrey into the celestial realm of the lineage. This began a more intensive period of training as an Altomisayoq under the direct tutelage of his Apu Director. In the midst of his work, Jeffrey was ceremonially struck/initiated by lightning. This brought him into full recognition and capacity as a celestial lineage holder.

Later that year, the Apus asked Jeffrey to begin creating integrative healing retreats in Peru and to begin traveling to other countries to share the tradition’s sacred lifeways through talks, consultations and educational programs. They asked him to use his familiarity with western peoples and his animistic knowledge to help others reawaken consciousness and reconnect with Spirit.

In 2008, Jeffrey received a vision to make a film depicting the lineage’s sacred cosmology and lifeways. Jeffrey and Tupaq debuted their experiential film, Wisdomkeepers, Paqo Andino to a global audience in January of 2014. Jeffrey has since traveled the world offering an integrative approach to conscious living and wellbeing based on holistic life principles. Jeffrey and his Andean colleagues also operate a retreat center in the Peruvian highlands that is dedicated to developing human consciousness and training interdisciplinary practitioners.

Jeffrey brings together 17 years of multi-disciplinary health practitionership and 17+ years of multi-media experience to offer an integrative approach to conscious living, holistic health, business operation and conscious media. Jeffrey’s work is focused on helping people discover their inner wisdom, create harmonious personal and professional relationships and enjoy the sacredness of daily activity while living in their true Essence.

Living Wisdom Education was founded as an umbrella organization to provide a portal for ancient wisdom, regenerative practices, holistic healing and experiential education. Through it, Jeffrey and his colleagues facilitate online offerings, community gatherings, in-person programs and immersive retreats worldwide.










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