The LIGHT of the HEART

med Jeffrey H. Wium  16-19 june 2022

Mon:olá earth connecting center gratefully presents to you:
Wisdomkeeper, altomisayoq, the first western-born celestial maestro of the Andean-Inkan Holy Mountain Tradition Jeffrey Huamanchiq Wium - coming to Norway to offer his connecting & heart-opening work. Covid tossed his schedule around, so we have re-scheduled and re-arranged it to now be 3,5 days 16-19 June 2022! Limited number of people due to space. Honouring the terrestial-celestial forces & body, mind, soul to birth the era of the Living Peace. 

I've had the privilege to work with him on two occasions, both offering me masterful invitations to connect deeper, releasing core patterns and opening my heart. It's truly with great gratitude & reverence I welcome him to my place and offer his work to the group that feels called. Aloha, Anne 



As we awaken into the Era of the Living Peace, we find ourselves personally responsible for creating a harmonic future and integrating the lessons of our collective past. We are learning to overcome limiting paradigms, opposition and separation-based perspectives to embody forgiveness, eqanimity and loving presence– to personify ‘wholiness’ in daily life.


Monola Earth Connecting Center invites you to join Andean Celestial Paqo Jeffrey Huamanchiq Wium for an expansive and deeply nurturing 3.5-day weekend retreat. Jeffrey will share ancient wisdom teachings, holistic practices and guided meditations. He will offer personal input, somatic-shamanic healings, experiential exercises, nature ceremony and animistic prayer to help participants deepen their awareness, navigate challenges and increase

overall well-being.


Come, enjoy conscious community, strengthen your connection with Spirit and learn practical

ways to expand spiritual intelligence. Be the change you wish to see.



Jeffrey Huamanchiq Wium offers an integrative approach to conscious living based on quantum energy medicine,

bio-energetic healing, somatic-shamanic practices, meditation, movement, nature ceremony and animistic prayer.

Jeffrey provides experiential programs, immersive retreats and conscious media offerings to help people navigate

the awakening process to embody their Eternal Essence.

For more info:


Thursday 18-21
Friday 10-17
Saturday 10-17
Sunday 10-17

Thurday 16th will be a movie-night showing Jeffreys film "Wisdomkeepers Paqo Andino" - included in the workshop fee, kr 130 if not joining workshop. 

Nok 5.500 in total. Includes lunch for all three days. 

To register:
1. Please contact Anne Birgitte Solli at or 40485853.

2. Please pay deposit Nok 2000 by vipps to 40485853 to secure your place, as we can only fit in 20-22 people  (This is exclusive, as he
normally does groups of 40)  The rest is due just before we meet :)  You may also pay the full amount upon registration. 

PS the center has a cat :). We'll be both inside and outside during this weekend.

For accomodation in house or tent in forest, please contact Anne at 40485853. 

For more info on Jeffrey, check out his website and the videos he
has there (recordings of free online gartherings):

(If you're on facebook, look for him there to find more of
his free offerings.)