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27.juni kl 17-21

SOUND & CACAO TEMPLE: Free your Voice and Soul Sound

Imagine feeling free to use the power of your voice and explore the magic of sound together with others in ceremony & circle. How could that deepen your relationship to your intuitive musicality and connect you to your soul sound?

We invite you to our Sound & Cacao Temple to open your sound channel and free your authentic expression through ceremony, ritual and play and with the support of Nature and the Elements! Our Sound and Cacao Temple is a multidimensional & sacred circle space to explore your voice & intuitive musicality and surrender into your authentic soul sound together with others. 


In an open and playful way, we will explore how sound allows us to relax, to move (stuck) energy, to open our heart, to move into connection with ourselves and each other and to create harmony.


Our Sound & Cacao Temple is a journey of initiation we take together, each of us in our own rhythm, with our own steps - curiously exploring how we can surrender to freeing our voices and our musical expression by trusting and following our intuitive impulses. Through intention setting with cacao, guided voice opening exercises, co-creating intuitive music and song, embodied (instrumental) sound meeting points and integrational sound baths, we will all circle into the magic of sound and into deeper soul alignment and remembrance.


You do not need any prior experience with sound, your voice or cacao to enter the circle. We simply invite you as you are and will move with whatever comes alive in the moment.


This event is a lead up to our deep dive Elemental Sound Medicine retreat in Jotunheimen July 3-9th:


Date and time
June 27th, 17-21 pm


Monola - Earth Connecting Center
Kongebråtveien 62 • 1459 Nesodden • Norway
440 NOK 

Please sign up via email at and vipps to 40485853 (Anne Birgitte Solli, hostess of Mon:olá earth connecting center).


We use Ceremonial Grade Cacao from Guatemala to assist us in dropping into our hearts. It allows our hearts to expand and activate - and supports us to become more present with what is energetically and emotionally alive. And in the alchemical dance between Cacao and Sound - a healing space opens where we can surrender deeply, release and let go and connect with our power and creativity.


Thomas is a sound therapist, multi-instrumentalist, chocolate alchemist and retreat leader. The Cacao spirit guided Thomas into the field of sound healing 10 years ago where he has been creating and leading Sound Healing journeys, retreats, trainings, events, Kirtans, and workshops all over the world. Thomas is the founder of Sounds of Light, a Mystery School of Sound Healing. It is a hands on Initiation programme for anyone who wants to activate their hearts and soul calling through sound, ceremony and cacao. It is also a training programme for sacred sound alchemists, musicians, sound healers, cacao facilitators and magicians creating and calling in the New Earth. Learn more at

Steffi is a soul sounder and tribe facilitator using nature as her sacred playing field. An education in SoulVoice fired up her passion to share with others the power of our voice as a tool of self-connection by accessing our deep body wisdom and for expressing our purest self in all its human rawness and multidimensionality. Her experience as a circle facilitator convinced her of the potential of (personal) transformation when we bring ourselves in connection with others in a field of safety, freedom and loving support. And nature… she simply loves being in nature with its wildness, the elements, the cyclical rhythm of the moon and the sun, the nature beings and its incredible beauty allowing her to align and remember her deepest truth! 


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